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To find the wall studs, you do not need to have a special tool, like magnet or electronic stud finder, but you can use the following methods. Before buy special tools you must read reviews on First, let's look a bit into the wall construction. Studs are usually located between 16"- 24". Most often the distance between the beams is 16. "Usually the wiring is located on one side of the stud.

Look at the Trim

Since the baseboard should be attached to the studs, look to see if you can spot where it might have been nailed. These holes—dimples—are generally filled with caulk and painted, but you may be able to spot one to identify the location of a stud. If you find one, try measuring in 16″ increments to locate the additional studs.

Where is the switch

Knowing in advance that the switch is located on one side of the stud, we can retreat 3/4 "to determine the center of the stud. Then, using an interval of 16 "inches, we can find all of the following studs.

Measure from the Corner

To use this method, we need to measure the distance 16 "from the corner of the room. To make sure that the beam is in the proper place, you can test by tapping.

All these methods are good if you do not want to drill a dozen holes in the wall or you don’t have special wall beam finder.